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Armenian Council of America – Press Release –

This Press Release by the Armenian Council of America that is the Political Action Committee of the Social Democrat Hunchak Party of USA has been distributed on 28th of July

The announcement of the formation of the “Turkish-Armenian
Reconciliation Committee”
on July 9, 2001, has been generating mixed reactions, varying
from complete opposition to welcoming of this long overdue initiative.

Based on the contents of the communiqué, the Terms of Reference attached to it and the declarations of the committee members, the Armenian
of America makes the following announcement:

We support the development of a constructive dialogue between the
Armenian and Turkish people, leading to the eventual establishment of
neighborly relations between Armenia and Turkey.

Encouraged by the example of the dialogue among Armenian and Turkish
scholars in cracking the wall of silence, we support the continuation of
efforts in other areas too, hoping that this increased awareness will
have its
positive dividends.

As long as the participants of this process represent themselves and the negotiations are transparent, their efforts could serve in testing the
ground and crystallizing the terms of a future Armenian-Turkish
This would also serve the process of formulating a common Armenian
the lack of which makes any high-level, official and comprehensive
negotiation at this stage very immature.

Resolution of our centuries-old disputes is a long process and this
initiative should be regarded as a positive first step in that
which should eventually lead to the recognition of the “so-called” Armenian
Genocide. We
believe this initiative merits support and hence we welcome it with

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