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Turkish-Armenian Civil Society agree on establishing ‘Commission of Reconciliation’

Important names from Armenian and Turkish civil societies have come together and agreed on establishing a joint “Commission of Reconciliation” that will be helpful in developing relations between Turkey and Armenia, on July 9, 2001.

The commission, which grew out of meetings held at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, appreciates that there are serious differences between the two nations and obstacles to normal relations between the two countries. Nevertheless it aims to promote mutual understanding and good will between Turks and Armenians by encouraging improved relations between their two countries.

The existing readiness among Turkish and Armenian civil societies, including members of the diaspora communities, provides an incentive for people willing to contribute to the positive atmosphere. The commission thus supports contact, dialogue and cooperation between Armenian and Turkish civil societies in order to create public awareness and support — from which practical benefits can be derived.

Activities of other organizations will be undertaken and projects will be catalyzed by the commission — all of which will be transformed into recommendations to the concerned governments.

The commission was established by:

Gunduz Aktan, Ustun Erguder, Sadi Erguvenc, Ozdem Sanberk, Ilter Turkmen from Turkey; Alexander Arzoumanian, David Hovhanissian, Van Z. Krikorian, Andranik Migranian and Vamik D. Volkan from the Armenian community.

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