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Institute for Armenian Research set up

Institute for Armenian Research has been set up as part of the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM). It was promoted to the media on Tuesday with the participation of State Minister Tunca Toskay.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, ASAM head professor Umit Ozdag said they had set up this institute to answer the Armenian allegations on a scientific level. Stating that the only scientific sources regarding the so-called Armenian genocide have been in the hands of Turkey, since it has the Ottoman archives, Ozdag said a systematic struggle was needed against the Armenian claims.

Retired Ambassador Omer E. Lutem, Head of the Institute, also said the Armenian campaign to promote their claims had reached a level of concern to them.

Stressing that Turkey has a very bad image in Western countries since it has a bad record in human rights issues, Lutem said organized attempts were needed to explain Turkey’s view.

“By establishing this institute, we target to hold international conferences, to make surveys on this issue and to publish magazines and books on this issue,” he said.

State Minister Tunca Toskay also said he believed Turkey had the necessary domestic dynamics to overcome the Armenian allegations, but it had not used this energy so far. He added that this institute can play a leading role in gathering this energy.

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