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Çay: Armenian genocide allegations aim to block Turkey’s future

State Minister Abdülhaluk Çay said that the claims on the “so-called” Armenian genocide were intentionally created to block Turkey’s future.

Speaking at a conference organized by Turkish-American Associations at the Hilton Hotel in New York, Cay said that the so-called genocide allegations were created to leave Turkey in a difficult situation, but those people who support this allegation would be in a difficult situation when the historical facts appear.

He said 400,000 Armenians immigrated to Armenia and 600,000 to Syria during the events of 1915 and since the total Armenian population was 1.2 million at that time, the total number of Armenians killed can not exceed 200,000, who mostly died as a result of epidemic disease. He also said the Ottoman Empire had decided to force the immigration of Armenians because of security issues since they were cooperating with the Russian army against Ottoman troops.

State Minister Cay also said they had not seen the support expected from the Central Asian countries on the Cyprus and Nagorno-Karabakh disputes.

“The Central Asian countries are leaving us alone on these two issue in order to be stay unbiased,” he said, and added that the relations between Turkey and the Central Asian countries had not reached on desired level so far.

Stressing that the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline is a political project rather than an economic one, for the sake of the economic independence of the regional countries, Cay indicated that Central Asian countries had approached Russia out of fear of the Taleban.

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