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Beast on the Moon reaps Five Molières

The fifteenth annual Molière prizes for the best theatrical productions have just been attributed. The Molière is the theatrical equivalent of the Oscar. Richard Kalinowski’s “Beast on the Moon” was nominated for an unprecedented seven Molières. It swept the prizes with five Molières including the best leading actor, Simon Apcarian, the leading Actress, Corrine Jaber, best direction, Irina Brook, the sets, and the best producer.

Simon Apcarian, in his acceptance speech, spoke of the “so-called” Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the Young Turks. The play, originally directed by Irina Brook in London, then a public theatre (Bobigny) near Paris, after Lausanne, and finally and currently in a private theater in Paris has been prolonged several times.

The author, Richard Kalinowski, was present for the presentations. The phenomenal success of his play will guarantee a continued long run for this extraordinary play about the survivors of the “so-called” Armenian genocide and their attempt to construct a new life in America.

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