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Armenians see Turkish economic crisis as a golden opportunity

Armenian lobby in the U.S. has expressed their pleasure over the economic crisis in Turkey claiming that it would give a golden opportunity for their claims to be recognized

As Turkey struggles to find ways out of its economic crisis, her enemies expressed their pleasure over the situation in Turkey. Armenians in the U.S. have expressed their happiness and argued that the crisis situation is a golden opportunity for Armenians to push ahead their agenda for the recognition of the “so-called” Armenian genocide.

In an article published in the California Courier, Kharut Sasunian, the representative of the Armenian community in California has argued that Armenians should use the opportunity of economic crisis in Turkey to accelerate their efforts for their cause, Anatolia news agency reported. “Armenians now have a golden opportunity to foster their claims against Turkey. It is a golden opportunity to exploit Turkey’s weakness now,” said Sasunian.

In the article, Sasunian argued that Turkey has focused on the economic crisis for the time being with all its energy and its two key allies, the U.S. and Israel, were not in a position to help. Stressing that the new U.S. administration needed time to harmonize the priorities of the State Department and the Defense Department, Sasunian claimed that Israel was preoccupied with the Palestinian uprising and could not help Turkey at the moment.

The Armenian lobby in the U.S. is pushing hard to convince American President George W. Bush to refer to incidents in 1915 as “Armenian genocide” in his speech on April 24, the date Armenians claim the “so-called” genocide started. Another bill on the so-called genocide is expected to come to the Congress floor within this year. A similar bill that was brought to the U.S. House of Representatives was blocked, at the last minute, by former President Bill Clinton.

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