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Armenian politician wants Turkey to partake in Karabakh talks

During the last three years, the problem of Karabakh
self-determination has been transformed into the problem of dispute over territories between Armenia and Azerbaijan, said the leader of the 21st Century National Democratic Party and former national security minister, David Shakhnazaryan, at a news conference today.

He said that after the 15 meetings between the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents, Baku’s stance has not changed while Yerevan has change its stance all the time. As a result, Azerbaijan has been able to achieve its aims, i.e. to transform the problem into a dispute over territories, and nobody seems to remember that it was Azerbaijan that initiated the war.

The current authorities in Yerevan need to change their stance in order to gain time and preserve their power, the former minister believes. This is the only way to explain the fact that Nagornyy Karabakh, which was recognized by the world community a party to the talks in the OSCE resolution in Budapest in 1994, has been gradually pushed aside from participating in the talks.
Nagornyy Karabakh has gradually been transformed from a party to the talks into an issue for talks, i.e. a matter of discord between Yerevan and Baku, Shakhnazaryan said.

Shakhnazaryan added that the statement, which say that the meetings between the two presidents have exhausted all the options, is not a serious statement. “In these meetings [Armenian President] Robert Kocharyan is counting on the state of Aliyev’s health. This, as well as having the potential to freeze the situation, can inevitably lead to the resumption of the hostilities,” Shakhnazaryan said.

He described as a gross political mistake the unwillingness of the current Armenian leadership to see Ankara a party to the talks beside Baku. “Armenia is now laying groundless claims left, right and centre, while Turkey has a huge influence on Azerbaijan, pursues its regional interests and should participate in the talks,” Shakhnazaryan said.

In his opinion, the way out of the situation is, first of all, to avoid the military development of the events. Moreover, the problem of Nagornyy Karabakh’s self-determination should be raised at the talks again; the process of establishing relations with Turkey should begin; and the concept of the country’s domestic policy should be drawn up.

If the current authorities do not do this, the question of the change of power through a legal impeachment of the president will be raised again. “The country should be ruled by an elected president and not by a president who seized power by force and is a toy in the hands of other states,” Shakhnazaryan said.

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