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Armenian Music Program on Dutch National Radio

On Monday, March 26, (20.02-24.00 CET) the Dutch National Radio, NPS Radio 4 “Supplement”, will broadcast a four-hour program on Armenian music, produced by Dorothée Forma and
Michael Fahres.

“From Geghard to Hollywood Bowl” presents a comprehensive
range of music in Armenia and the Diaspora. Three new “Armenian
music collages”, produced by Fahres, will be broadcast for the
first time .

Over six months in the making, the producers traveled to
Armenia and Diaspora communities where they recorded live
performances and tens of interviews. Their journey extends from the Divine Liturgy in Etchmiadzin, the Mother Church of Armenia, to the howling of the band System of a Down in California; from Charles Aznavour at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, through
duduk-master Djivan Gasparian, recently heard on the soundtrack of The Gladiator, to an Armenian hamlet, where an old and blind Hovannes Hovannessian seated on a stool in the courtyard of his house bursts into a song without any hesitation.

The life and works of priest-musicologist Komitas (1869-1935) is the central theme of the program. Komitas’s life is symbolic of
what happened to Armenian culture after 1915.
Komitas’s legacy is of vital importance to Armenian music today; one can hardly find an Armenian musician who is not inspired by him in some way. (The English translation of Komitas’s autobiography is posted on the internet for the first time,
along with interviews with Charles Aznavour and author of a new
book on Komitas Dr. Rita Kuyumjian at the program’s website, see
instructions below).

The four-hour special broadcast of the restigious “Supplement” program was made possible through the support of the Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties in Amsterdam.


“From Geghard to Hollywood Bowl”

Radio 4, the Netherlands

NPS “Supplement”

Monday, March 26, 2001

20.02-24.00 CET

To listen to the program

go to: http://www.nps.nl/supplement
click: actueel
click: 26 maart Van Geghard naar de Hollywood Bowl
click: read the English introduction
click: list of content of the site, scroll to the bottom of
the page
click: radio 4 live

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