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Turkey, Azerbaijan Should Fight Enemies Together – Azeri Defence Minister

A report from the press service of the Azeri Defence Ministry says that Azeri Defence Minister received a delegation headed by the chief of the strategy directorate of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, Lt-Gen Nusret Tasdeler, on March 15.

The Azeri defence minister noted that after Azerbaijan had gained independence the two countries [Azerbaijan and Turkey] cooperated very closely in all spheres, including the military sphere. However, this is not the last point. The current official visit by Heydar Aliyev to Turkey once again proves this. Tasdeler thanked Safar Abiyev and conveyed to him greetings from the chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, Army Gen Huseyin Kivrikoglu.

He noted that the official visit by Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev to Turkey was an important event in the history of both countries. He expressed both nations’ desires in his address to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Then, Tasdeler noted that the results of a speedy development of military cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan would be successful. He said that Turkish-Azerbaijani military cooperation within the framework of bilateral and NATO’s Partnership for Peace programs was developing by the day and served both countries’ national interests.

He noted that along with military cooperation, Turkey and Azerbaijan were successfully developing a political partnership as well. He said that if the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict was not resolved by preserving Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, stability in the South Caucasus was out of the question. We, as one nation – two states, have the courage to realize this. Touching upon the fact that some European parliaments had put the Armenian genocide onto their agendas, Tasdeler said that this Armenian genocide tale was aimed at making the world community forget the atrocities committed by them against the Azerbaijani people in recent years.

Col-Gen Safar Abiyev agreed with the guest and said that the Caucasus was a place where strategic interests of big states clashed. We want to see Turkey more active in this region. If Turkey shows what it is capable of, Armenians will “dismiss their genocide game”.

“Today, we have to show Armenia its place openly. The world should know that Armenia is an aggressor”. The Azeri defence minister analysed the existing military and political situation in the Caucasus region and said: “Azerbaijan is the center of the Caucasus. Anyone who does not implement their strategic interests here in cooperation with Azerbaijan, is mistaken. One should cooperate mainly with Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. Because Azerbaijan’s economic, political and other potential enables this.” Abiyev again touched upon the Turkish-Azeri military partnership and noted that the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies were two armies of one nation. “We should design and implement everything, all our plans against enemies, jointly. This is an axiom.” he stressed. He concluded by saying that Azerbaijan and Turkey should have close ties. “Because we believe that the time is not far when the Turkish world will unite.” Finally, the Azeri defence minister asked Tasdeler to convey his greetings to the chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, army Gen Huseyin Kivrikoglu. The Turkish military attache to Azerbaijan, Zeki Durlanik, also attended the meeting.

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