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Hürriyet: Armenians with G-3

Place; a town, Aþkale in Erzurum… date; independence day… There are so-called Armenian people who are not allowed to be in Erzurum. They are holding G-3 guns in their hands, stabbing the babies and hanging the Muslim priest, Imam. Turkish soldiers are killing them as well. People of the town are almost on the point of murdering so-called Armenian people. And this is called independence ceremony.

There could not be found any so-called Armenian to be stabbed for the independence ceremony of Erzurum. That’s why, while cancelling the ceremonies there were not any problems in Aþkale. But some citizens who were accepted as so-called Armenian were contempted and scorned by the provoked people of Aþkale. The so-called Armenian were once frightened to be killed. They performed the holocaust caused by Armenian gangs in the ceremonies of independence of Aþkale which was the 83rd anniversary. ‘Armenian gang’ was formed by the volunteers of municipality and they displayed the cruelty before independency. The leader of the Armenian gang named ‘Andros’ who were acted by a shoemaker, Adnan Ünsal. ‘I’ll suck Turkish people’s blood,kill allof them’ he ordered and this remark provoked all the audience.

Most of the acts such as the enslavement of the town’s ‘muhtar’ which was performed by Kadir Tekin and representation of the hanging scene by the order of Andros affected all the audience. And especially the scene in which bus driver Mehmet Taþ who performed Ýmam’s wife in woman’s cloth was murdered, was one of the most affectionate scene on audience that this historical holocaust by the Armenian increased all the hatred in local people’s heart.

Some more events like the raids made inside of the representative Armenian houses etc. were performed. Their beating the old and stabbing the little representative baby with his exclamations, all these annoyed them completely. All these performances in the ceremony made them furious and upset about it. They again started contemting and cursing them. And just at the moment Turkish soldiers saved the town and killed the Armenian bands stabbing. All was concluded by the following applauses of the audience.

Spite to France

Adnan Ünsal, Fikri Peken, Muharrem Yýlmaz, Yavuz Çoban, Ýhsan Arifoðullarý and Celal Akay all these actors, who have different occupations, performed the Amenian band’s deeds and said they were upset about increasing anger in people as a reaction. Adnan Ünsal who acted the role of an Armenian, says ‘Displaying the cruelty upsets us even if it’s just a role. We were scared by their reaction as the people might want to take revenge from us during the performances.

Aþkale’s mayor-from DYP- Ýlhan Öztürk mentioned that they started to prepare this kind of celeberity programme after the acceptance of so-called Armenian genocide law by France. Öztürk says ‘We lived the Armenian holocaust and memorisedin front of all the people’s eyes once again.We naturallyhave the rightn to celeberatethe day on which we got rid of our enemies. We have not any problems to solve in our history.’ Zeki Ertugay minister of Erzurum DYP says ‘All these which have been performed today were not definitely exagerrated. The hostility in the past was carried to the agenda not by us but by them.’

Translation by Maral Aktokmaktan

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