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Armenia’s Yan Girls off to Nice for Junior Eurovision

Armenia’s Yan Girls have travelled to Nice, France, for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest formally gets underway today with the opening ceremony in Nice.

The ceremony will also feature performances from every French Junior Eurovision representative since their return to the contest in 2018, with the singers performing parts of their songs.

Yan Girls will represent Armenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Do It My Way”.

The band, featuring Nane, Nensi, Kamilla, Syuzana and Aida, are inspired by their favourite K-pop artists, and want to bring that familiar sound to the Junior Eurovision stage before taking it to a whole new level.

Young, colorful, rebellious and poppy, Yan Girls sing about the importance of staying true to yourself, being confident and doing things the best way – their way.

Do It My Way was composed by tokionine, with the lyrics written by Junior Eurovision 2021 champion Maléna and Vahram Petrosyan – the same team behind the winning song Qami Qami. The music video is directed by Artur Manukyan.

Nancy Mnatsakanyan is 11 years old. Most of all, she loves singing and painting and is fond of art. Her favourite music genre is pop and her favourite music artists are Iveta Mukuchyan, Aram MP3, Dua Lipa, Beyonce, BLACKPINK, and BTS. Her biggest dream was to represent Armenia in Junior Eurovision.

9-year-old Aida is passionate about singing and dancing. Her favourite music genres are K-pop and hip-hop, with her favourite groups being BLACKPINK, Triple Charms, and BTS. In her free time, she loves surfing. She has many dreams – one is being the lead actress in a movie, and the biggest one is having her own song and dance studio.

Syuzanna Nikoyan is 10 years old. She sings, dances, plays piano, and does artistic gymnastics. Her best friend is her dog – the first to listen to all her songs.

Kamilla Davtyan is 11 years old. She has played piano, and drums and has sung since the age of 4. She loves games and puzzles. In her free time she builds unique structures with Lego. Her favourite music genres are classical and contemporary pop music.

Nané Andreasyan is 11 years old. She loves to sing, dance and pose for the camera. Her hobby is painting, and she’s proud that some of her paintings have been displayed at different exhibitions.

Between the girls, they care for 10 fish, 3 dogs, a turtle, a hamster, and a talking parrot named Jacko.

Junior Eurovision 2023 takes place in Nice on Sunday 26 November.


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