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Azerbaijan extends offer of ‘just, fair and lasting peace’ to Armenia

‘Ethnic Armenian residents are welcome to be part of our peaceful coexistence model,’ Jeyhun Bayramov tells UN Security Council

Azerbaijan has extended an offer of a “just, fair and lasting peace” to Armenia, the country’s top diplomat told a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday.

“Azerbaijan once again reaffirms its readiness for genuine dialogue and negotiations on the basis of equal and reciprocal respect for each other’s legitimate interests,” Jeyhun Bayramov told the Security Council session on Karabakh.

“We once again extend our offer of a just, fair and lasting peace to Armenia, notwithstanding the unhealed wounds of its armed aggressions against my country,” he said.

“Ethnic Armenian residents are welcome to be part of our peaceful coexistence model,” Bayramov added.

He noted that Azerbaijan’s anti-terror activities in Karabakh are in “full compliance” with international law and international humanitarian law.

“The counterterror measures have already been seized and dialogue on the reintegration of ethnic Armenian residents of the Gulf region of Azerbaijan started in practical terms on the ground,” Bayramov said.

Recalling a meeting between Azerbaijani authorities and representatives of the Armenian population of Karabakh in the city of Yevlakh on Thursday, he said the parties “outlined the plans of the government for integration and the issues related to restoration and operation of infrastructure.”

“Such a dialogue was not possible before due to the obstruction of the Armenian side, relying on a heavy illegal military presence on the sovereign soil of Azerbaijan,” he added.

Türkiye expects Armenia to fulfil its promises

Türkiye’s Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akcapar said Azerbaijan was left with no choice but to take measures necessary for its own security and stability when launching the counterterrorism operation on Sept. 19.

Akcapar added that Türkiye welcomes the meeting between the representatives of Azerbaijan and the Armenian population of Karabakh on Thursday.

“We hope such contacts will continue and be productive to solve the decades-long issues,” he told the UN Security Council.

“We expect Armenia to fulfill its promises, especially the opening of the Zangezur corridor, he said.

“We once again urge the Armenian side and other interested parties not to waste this latest opportunity,” he added.

The senior Turkish diplomat noted that Türkiye has “fully supported” and continues to support the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia from the very beginning and has initiated a normalization process with Armenia.

“However, in the last three years, we have witnessed that the Armenian side has been reluctant to fully implement the trilateral declaration which ceased hostilities at the end of the second Karabakh war,” he said, accusing “illegal military formations” in Karabakh of continuing their armed attacks.

UN supports ongoing peace efforts

Miroslav Jenca, Assistant Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia and Americas in the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “remains deeply concerned about the impact of the escalation on the fragile humanitarian situation and calls on the parties to urgently facilitate unimpeded access.”

Noting Wednesday’s announcement of a cessation of hostilities and cautioning that the situation on the ground remains fluid, Jenca said: “We also understand that, in a positive step, representatives of the local population and the government of Azerbaijan met earlier today for an initial exchange.”

“The Secretariat will remain in close contact with all relevant actors and the concerned parties and stands ready to support ongoing peace efforts, as needed,” he added. ​​​​​​​


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