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Turkey’s activation is a threat not only to Armenia but the whole region – Armenian lawmaker

The myth about Azerbaijan’s powerful army was blown away in a matter of hours and days, lawmaker from ruling ‘My Step’ fraction Tatevik Hayrapetyan told a press conference on Thursday. Hayrapetyan suggested Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev should take time out to address the questions in own society about the complete failure.

In Hayrapetyan’s words, Azerbaijan is now trying to save its face through military exercises that mostly remind of a show. It also incites anti-Armenian violence in different countries. Hayrapetyan believes the activation of anti-Armenian rhetoric is an attempt to cover up the failure of the Azerbaijani army during the recent military escalation.

She next recalled the July14-15 demonstrations in Baku when dozens of opposition activists were arrested, adding the Azerbaijan used the border skirmishes for initiating political repercussions. “The Azerbaijani society discusses the reasons for the defeat despite all assurance by Aliyev they have been victorious,” Hayrapetyan added.

Speaking of Turkey’s stance on the recent escalation, Hayrapetyan noted that the country positioned itself as an adversary state to Armenia with its statements and actions during the border incident.

The lawmaker suggested Turkey represents a threat not only to Armenia but the whole regions. “In a situation when Turkey and Azerbaijan focus on ethnic identity and Pan-Turkism while addressing regional matters, they represent a clear threat other countries of the region,” said Hayrapetyan.


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