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Armenian Church pays tribute to Patriarch St. Cyril of Jerusalem and others

The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates on Saturday, March 7, St. Cyril the Patriarch of Jerusalem, St. Cyril the Bishop of Jerusalem and his mother Anna, Qahana.am reports. 

St. Cyril of Jerusalem is one of the prominent patriarchs of Jerusalem. He has been repeatedly persecuted by the supporters of the Arian heresy, he has been exiled, and however, eventually again has become the patriarch of Jerusalem. He has participated in the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople.

Many sermons and speeches of Patriarch Cyril about Christian doctrine have been translated into Armenian. His letter addressed to King Costandios on the occasion of the apparition of the Holy Cross in the sky of Jerusalem is up to date read in the Armenian churches. St. Cyril’s collection of sermons is instructive and edifying for those who are preparing for baptism. According to the tradition the basin in which Patriarch Cyril has been baptized is inside the Chapel of St Stephen of the Church of St. Hakob (St. James), of Jerusalem.

The Armenian Apostolic Church pays tribute to Patriarch Cyril twice during the year.

St. Cyril the Bishop is the contemporary of St. Cyril the Patriarch. His secular name is Huda. According to the hagiographical sources, well knowing the locality, Bishop Cyril helps the queen Heghine (Helen) to find the Holy cross of Christ, Witnessing the wonder-working power of the Holy Cross Bishop Cyril is baptized together with his mother, Anna, and after the baptism is renamed “Cyril”. Later he is ordained a bishop and during the period of exile of the Patriarch Cyril he takes his place for a time. Being subjected to severe torments, Bishop Cyril and his mother have been killed during the persecutions realized by the King Julianos the Betrayer. 


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