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Syria’s Aleppo re-launches its airport after long shutdown

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. After a long pause caused by the military operations in Syria, the airport of Aleppo is being re-launched. Today, on February 19, the first flight en route Damascus-Aleppo will be operated.

Ethnic Armenian MP of the Syrian Parliament Jirair Reisian told Armenpress that the society welcomed this news with a great enthusiasm.

“Due to the shutdown of the airport the life in Aleppo was difficult for various reasons. The airport is an important infrastructure both for the city and the state. The first flight will be operated in Damascus-Aleppo route, and there are also plans to increase the number of flights and routes in the future”, the lawmaker said.

The re-launch of the airport will contribute to accelerating Aleppo’s restoration process. Jirair Reisian said it’s a very important tool for boosting business. The re-launch of the airport will also have its affect on the economic activity.

Talking about the other infrastructural problems of the city the MP informed that significant works have been carried out over the water supply. Some districts are supplied with water the whole day, and the works in the remaining ones continue. The electricity issue is not completely solved yet, people are supplied with electricity for several hours a day, but all these issues are under the direct spotlight of the authorities. Everything is being done to provide people with electricity.

Activities are also planned for the restoration of structures of the Armenian community in Aleppo. Jirair Reisian said the issue of schools was a priority, no school-children has been left without classes at this period. Everything possible has been done for the operation of Armenian schools. Currently, all classes are normally being carried out, the children are actively participating in the educational processes. As for the churches, the lawmaker informed that during this period the Mother Church of Aleppo has been restored and now is operating normally. The issue of the St. George Church is on the agenda. It is located in the Armenian-populated Nor Gyugh district of Aleppo. The MP also informed that the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church is also located in this part and is operating normally.

As for the movements of Armenians, Jirair Reisian said many have returned to Aleppo, many visit to get acquainted with the local conditions and consider the options of returning back completely. “In any case we wish all sons of the community to return to their homes and restore their works”, he said.

During those days in line with the liberation of Aleppo another important event took place in Syria. The Parliament of Syria officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. “Syria officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. Here the key message is for us to fight jointly against and prevent the crimes”, he said, adding that today as well Syria is subject to the hostile acts of the same criminals.

On February 13 the Syrian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide. 

Interview by Anna Gziryan 

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan          


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