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Iravunq: 1.5 million US grant to ‘establish control’ over Armenian media’

The US-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which, with its essence and function, can be righteously considered a ″sister organization″ of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, is said to have allocated $1.5 million to the Armenian media and NGOs to ″establish control″ over their activity, the paper has learned.

Under the branding of what is thought to be “raising media accountability in Armenia”, the organization thus turns out to have awarded a $37,466 worth grant to the Committee to Protect Freedom of Speech (Chairman: Ashot Melikyan), which reportedly expressed a committment to organize debates devoted to foreign policy issues.

Another reported grantee is Daniel Ioannisyan, the preisdent of the Union of Informed Citizens and currently also a member of the Public Council of Armenia. The paper claims that he received $144 932 from NED to raise awareness of foreign policy issues in the country through public debates. According to the paper, Ioannisyan now is now obliged to provide an analysis of the economic and security-related situation on Armenia (including the impact of the EAEU membership on democracy development and geopolitical security). As part of the same grant project, Ioannisyan also reportedly committed himself to conducting research, publishing articles and videos and engaging in fact-checking activities.


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