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People evacuated from China’s Wuhan, including Armenian citizen, put under quarantine in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan evacuated 83 of its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, on Sunday, February 2.

At the request of the Armenian, Kyrgyz and Belarusian authorities, the evacuation of citizens of these countries from Wuhan, China was also provided, the Kazakh government reported.

In a statement on Sunday, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in cooperation with the Kazakh authorities, Armenian citizen Susanna Aghajanyan had been evacuated from Wuhan and transported to Kazakhstan upon her own request.

During the flight, the citizens were accompanied by Kazakhstani doctors and provided with all means of protection, the Kazakh authorities said.

After checking the state of health, the arrivals were placed in 14-day quarantine in a specially designated anti-infection building at the multidisciplinary hospital of the capital, located 7 km from the city.

In the medical institution, evacuated citizens will undergo an additional examination, first of all, testing for coronavirus infection.

During the quarantine period, only medical personnel experienced in dealing with especially dangerous infections will be in contact with the arrivals.

Relatives of the arrived citizens are notified and familiarized with the regulations of the quarantine period.


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