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Australian fires painted on body of an Armenian painter

The devastating wildfires in Australia has not left indifferent the art. Painter Aza Pashinyan has depicted the enormous scale of the bushfire, the burning forests and escaping animals on her body.
“A work was created I couldn’t conceal. This painting was different in terms of its emotional appeal,” Pashinyan said.
As the painter noted she hadn’t noticed how fast the time ran and how many hours it took to create the painting. “I was working intensively, and during the painting my body seemed was burning as well.”
In her words the record-breaking fires that took human lives and killed 500 million animals is impossible to describe through words.

“Keep silence or tell a word that means more than silence. This was the first instance when I failed to resist the terrible reality, when my eyes saw, the wisdom dictated and my hands created this work. I usually paint visual illusions that do not exist in reality. This work, however, is the reflection of the very reality,” Pashinyan said.

To note, Australia is fighting an unprecedented bushfire season, fueled by record temperatures and widespread drought. Millions of acres have been torched and entire homes have been swallowed by flames. More than 20 people have lost their lives. About half a billion animals have been killed in New South Wales by one estimate.


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