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Alexis Ohanian posts photo against backdrop of Mount Ararat

Summing up the results of the last decade, Armenian American entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian noted, among his respective achievements, a visit to Armenia that helped him be born again.
Ohanian shared this story on Instagram, also posting a photo against the backdrop of Mount Ararat.
“When 2010 started, I was burnt out,” he wrote, in particular. “We’d sold reddit and I’d stayed on with a new title, Product Manager at Conde Nast, but frankly, I wasn’t a good manager at all. And my obsession with work to keep my mind off the loss of my mother had taken its toll on me.
I needed to get away and recharge, so I volunteered for kiva in Armenia and lived there for a few months. It was my first trip Home and it was revitalizing.
In the decade that transpired, I started some more companies, wrote a book, but also got a second chance to help lead reddit with a new perspective.
This time it would be different, so when I was starting to tilt from having an apartment a block away from the office, I took a speaking offer in Rome for a few days away.
That’s where I met my amazing wife (you could say her decade has been pretty great who gifted me with our little treasure and changed our lives forever. I’m beyond grateful.
Now I spend my time at work building and investing in a better future for her through technology.”


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