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Musa Dagh heroic battle 104th anniversary marked in Armenia (PHOTOS)

The 104th anniversary of the heroic Battle of Musa Dagh was celebrated Sunday at its memorial in Armenia.

French Ambassador Jonathan Lacôte also was on hand at this traditional celebration, the Armavir provincial hall informed.

A song as well as several Armenian traditional and ethnographic dance ensembles also performed at the event.

According to tradition, a commemoration is held at the Battle of Musa Dagh Memorial on the third Sunday of September, marking the anniversary of this heroic battle and paying tribute to its 18 martyrs.

The heroic battle of the Armenian people of Musa Dagh—a mountain in today’s Hatay Province of Turkey—took place in 1915, when the residents of several Armenian villages around Musa Dagh refused to obey the Ottoman Empire’s decision to deport them. As a result, these Armenians defended themselves against the Ottoman troops for 53 days, and without any outside help. Ultimately, however, French warships came to the rescue of the Musa Dagh Armenians, and they were taken to Egypt. 


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