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Delegation of US Congressmen to visit Armenia | ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 18, ARMENPRESS. The delegation of US Congress, consisting of both the Democrat and Republican Congressmen, will arrive in Armenia on a one-week visit on October 1 to discuss the practical cooperation programs with the Armenian government, Voice of America reported quoting the remarks of Congresswoman Jackie Speier-Kanchelian during the event of the Armenian Assembly of America.

“I am sure we will feel pride by witnessing the new reality of Armenia. Democracy has become tangible in Armenia, when it declines in the world. Armenia is a bright spot in this gray picture, and it’s the duty of all of us to keep this light on”, the Congresswoman said.

According to her, the United States should support Armenia in establishment of democracy. She states that the 2018 Velvet Revolution was an unprecedented event not only for Armenia, but also for the whole world. “I have always been proud of my Armenian roots, but now I feel a unique pride, have always believed in the close Armenian-American relations, but never believed in their strength as much as now, I always hoped to see Armenia as a democratic country, but now this is not only a dream”, she added.

According to Jackie Speier-Kanchelian, now Armenia faces three main challenges – to develop the economy with the opportunities provided by the Velvet Revolution, to strengthen its positions in the region and open opportunities for its own citizens. “To implement democratic reforms, fight corruption, these are challenges which the government that enjoys high public support can overcome”, she said.

The Congresswoman addressed a special congratulatory letter to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the occasion of the awarding ceremony of the Armenian Assembly of America. She said that letter is very important for her: “I have a great respect to Nikol Pashinyan. It’s difficult to describe in words the importance of the peaceful change of power led by him, his efforts to push forward the country, the fight against corruption. I would try to support this process as much as I can, I am confident this would have been the wish of my mother”.

By the initiative of Jackie Speier-Kanchelian, the US will provide additional 40 million AMD aid to Armenia in 2019 based on the initiative adopted by majority of the House of Representatives.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan


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