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Armenia’s health minister leaves news conference after ex-advisor’s questions

While Armenia’s Health Minister Arsen Torosyan was unveiling the implemented and future programs of his ministry at a news conference on Tuesday, his ex-advisor, oncologist and hematologist Gevorg Tamamyan entered the conference hall and expressed his intention to addresses questions to the minister.

Torosyan opposed, saying he could address his questions separately or hold another news conference. He also offered the former advisor to occupy his seat after he leaves the room.

Tamamyan, who is also a member of City of Smiles Fund’s Board of Trustees, persisted to ask questions, adding: “You hold the minister’s position today and have to answer these questions …”

In the meantime, the health minister stood up and left the news conference with his spokesperson, without apologizing to reporters or making clarifications.

In response to journalists’ questions, the minister suggested leaving the conference room and speaking outside.

Gevorg Tamamyan stepped down as advisor to the health minister a few days ago, accusing Torosyan of populism and failure in the health sector.


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