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Seriously, Sevan cleaning itself up?

In a recent official statement Armenia’s Health Ministry said the self-cleaning process in algae-hit Lake Sevan continues.

It might be the case with Lake Baikal, but not with Sevan. It’s just visible.

And what is inconvenient here.

It’s good when the position of the prime minister, i.e. the government, contradicts a forester’s passionate position on logging, I am glad. But when the residents of the settlements close to Sevan block a road, saying ‘come to Sevan, don’t take away our business and everything is OK with the lake’, and when (ruling My Step MP) Sasun Mikayelyan also joins the campaign with his ‘populist’ spirit and says everything is well… and then an official statement follows alleging Sevan is cleaning itself up… there is little hope that the issue is being addressed.

Since if the official stance is like, ‘it’s just algae, will bloom and then die’, in the same manner tomorrow we will hear: ‘It’s just a swamp, will dry up and we will plant something there… oh, sorry, we will breed crocodiles.’

A question arises over the recent death of cows: people want to fool the population saying the deaths were caused by nettle? Then why do you take the cows to gazing in Sevan so that they drink the water and die, and you, for the sake of your business, throw dust in people’s eyes saying it was the nettle?

We deceive ourselves and we don’t care about tomorrow. The Sevan residents are not concerned about Lake Sevan, so do we expect the authorities (be it present or former) to take care of us and our future? There is no such thing as “Sevan is being cleaned up.”

It’s shameful, just shameful. What a pan-Armenian meditation is ‘everything is all right’?

And no, it’s not that I’m looking down on it all, just the opposite.

Anahit Voskanyan


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