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Armenian woman stoned to death in Syria

An Armenian woman identified as Syuzan Der Karkur has been stoned to death in Syria’s Idlib province, journalist and blogger Juma Abbas tweeted. As Ermenihaber reports, the body of the woman whom the local Christians were looking for since July 9 was found in an unnamed field. “The autopsy revealed that the woman had been subjected to tortures for nine hours and killed by terrorists backed by Turkish forces,” Abbas has written.

Expert in Arabic studies Armen Petrosian confirmed the reports, providing further details about the incident. In his words, the news about the death of the woman was disseminated on July 12. She lived in one of once Armenian-populated al-Yakube town in Idlib province which has been controlled by various militant groups over the past years as its Christian population completely left the town in the first stage of the Syrian conflict.

Syuzan Der Karkur who was married to a Christian Arab was the only Armenian living in the town. The reports suggested that the Armenian community had offered the family to move to Aleppo, on numerous occasions but to no avail.


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