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Air Moldova passenger plane engine malfunctions in air, aircraft successfully lands thanks to Armenian pilots

During the flight from Moscow to Chișinău on Tuesday, the crew of Air Moldova airline Airbus A320 detected a technical malfunction in the right engine of this plane. Subsequently, it was decided to shut down this engine— according to the working regulations—and to return to Moscow.

The Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia informed Armenian News-NEWS.am that the aircraft successfully landed in Moscow. There were 164 passengers and three children as well as six crew members on board this plane.

This airplane is on the aircraft registry of Armenia, and it is an Atlantis European Airways aircraft which Moldova has leased.

Even though the crew members of this aircraft were Armenians, this is not noted in the respective Armenian Civil Aviation Committee statement.

Armenian prime minister’s advisor Hakob Chagharyan, who deals with aviation matters, has written as follows regarding this incident: “This fact again proves that our pilots are highly qualified. I will do everything that they work in the Armenian airline and prepare pilots of their quality for Armenia.”


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