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Zoryan Institute’s University Program Develops a Global Network of Human Rights and Genocide Specialists

TORONTO — The Zoryan Institute’s global network continues to grow as it welcomes new graduate-level students from 11 different countries to its 18thannual Genocide and Human Rights University Program at the University of Toronto in August 2019. Dr. Doris Bergen of the University of Toronto’s Department of History has this to say about the program:

“As a professor at the University of Toronto, I’m especially proud that the GHRUP takes place on our campus. It’s an honor to host distinguished scholars like Joyce Apsel, Bill Shabas, Jim Waller, and others to welcome the wonderful participants, man of whom are in Canada for the first time. Our university is enlivened by their presence. Over the years, I’ve recommended the program to many people, and every one of them has found it profoundly meaningful to be part of this dynamic group.”

The Institute has partnered with reputable institutions such as the American University of Armenia, the University of São Paulo in Brazil, the Luisa Hairabedian Foundation in Argentina and the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Armenia. These university relationships have led to ground-breaking publications, cutting-edge lectures, conferences and symposia and long-term research projects that have helped to put the Institute’s work on an international stage.

The GHRUP Program Director, Professor Roger W. Smith, had this to say when asked about the global reach of the course:

“… Genocide is not restricted to any people: the Armenian genocide was the first modern genocide of the 20th century in which a state turned against its own inhabitants, but there have many more examples around the world.  Our assumption was in teaching our students from many different national ethnic, and religious groups, many of whom had experienced genocide, that genocide was a crime against humanity, not just committed against a particular people or group, but against all humans.”

Since the program’s inception, the GHRUP has had over 400 alumni graduate from the course from 45 countries, many of whom have become professors in some 31 countries. Other students have been active in their communities and in their schools across the globe. Over the years, the course has been taught by more than 50 faculty members from a variety of disciplines coming from several academic institutions worldwide.

For more information about the Institute Genocide and Human Rights University Program visit: www.genocidestudies.org or contact admin@genocidestudies.org.


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