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Latin American Refugees and The Armenians

On our television screens we have been witnessing heartfelt scenes of Latin America refugees, who have arrived at US border crossings, after a journey of thousands of miles on foot. These asylum seekers are being subjected to inhumane treatment at the Border Patrol Detention Centers, where they are kept in “cages”. They are deprived of basic living conditions and care, often young children separated from their parents. Naturally, the American public are angry and upset with these kinds of treatment. Many words of condemnation are heard from all corners. Members of the US congress and Democratic presidential candidates are visiting the refugee camps and urging President Donald Tramp to end these practices which are contrary to American principles and harmful to its image.

However, for Trump, the issue of immigration has always been and remains a playing card for achieving his political goals and securing his re-election. Yet again he is ignoring the laws of this Country, by denying certain rights, among them the right to seek asylum, to anyone who steps foot on US soil.

In this regard, we are disappointed with certain Armenians, who are defending the harsh policies pursued by Donald Trump’s administration, and blaming the refugees for their misfortunes. These individuals should be reminded, that not long time ago, they or their parents came to this Country fleeing from Middle Eastern civil wars or escaping poor economic conditions in Armenia. They too arrived in America, if not by foot, by plane, and after their visas expired, they lived here illegally. Many of them applied for refugee status, and it took them many years to become legal residents.

Witnessing the fate of Latin American immigrants, we also gratefully remember the reaction of many countries towards the Armenian immigrants who had escaped the Genocide. Even Muslim countries of the Middle East and their people embraced Christian Armenians by providing them with shelters and saving thousands from certain death.

These days, the Latin American refugees deserve the sympathy of who else, if not the Armenians.


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