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Armenian language courses of ASPIRANTUM help people to learn Armenian in Yerevan

YEREVAN, JULY 1, ARMENPRESS. Annually Armenian School of Languages and Cultures – ASPIRANTUM, organizes summer and winter courses of Armenian language for international students and researchers, ASPIRANTUM told Armenpress.

These winter and summer schools of Armenian language are primarily organized for academically oriented people engaged in academic activities as students and researchers in the fields of Armenian studies, linguistics, history, middle eastern studies and literatures. Previously many Armenians from diaspora have also participated in ASPIRANTUM language classes from different countries.

First ASPIRANTUM Armenian language summer school was organized in 2014 and since then more than 50 students have taken part in not only Armenian language classes, but also in summer and winter courses of Persian and Russian languages. In 2018 ASPIRANTUM organized the first Persian language summer school in Yerevan as well as a winter school of Persian and Russian languages in December 2018.

ASPIRANTUM’s language summer and winter courses alongside with intensive language classes also include trips and travels to the most interesting sights of Armenia. Among travel destinations are the Garni temple, Ejmiatsin Cathedral, Amberd fortress, Sevan lake and monasteries around the lake, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan, etc.

The Armenian language courses are structured in a way, that students and researchers who have at least an upper elementary knowledge of Armenian could benefit the most.

Every day students receive 4 hours of intensive language instruction. Usually Armenian language schools are organized for 3 weeks, so during the whole school participants have 60 hours of Armenian language learning. The classes course comprises classes on grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking.

Language instructors of ASPIRANTUM are advanced specialists of the language with huge academic background and extensive experience in teaching languages to foreign students.

ASPIRANTUM’s language summer and winter school announcements are distributed internationally long time before the deadline so the prospective applicants have enough time to apply and secure funding for their travel to Armenia. Interested applicants may check the forthcoming Armenian language courses on ASPIRANTUM’s website.

There are also several scholarships that help those who are interested in Armenian language and culture to secure enough funds to make the trip to Armenia possible. Among such scholarships the most famous one is Gulbenkian Foundation Short Term Grant for Armenian Studies. Prospective students may check the list of foreighn language scholarships and if eligible apply accordingly. 


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