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President sees Armenia of the future as an AI, high tech and math center

Armenia of the future should be a center of artificial intelligence, thigh technologies and mathematics, President Armen Sarkissian says.
Speaker to reporters, President Sarkissian said this requires a number of components, including the entry of large companies to the country.
“I’m trying to bring them to Armenia. Representatives of Thales, Dassault, Siemens and Google were all participating in the Summit of Minds in Armenia,” Armen Sarkissian said adding that “we must help them discover the country.”
He believes this is the only way to see Armenia as one of the leading countries of the world in 15-20 years.
According to President Sarkissian, to attract investment to the country, it’s first necessary to put it on the world map, to tell the world that we exist because we are “a good country with a correct economic policy, where everything is stable, the courts are good, people are good, the food is good and tourists are coming.”
He also emphasized the importance of the country’s image. “There is an image of an Armenian in the world. Armenians scattered around the world have a positive image. Armenians are seen in the world as good and diligent people.”
President Sarkissian says there are different ways to assess a country.
“It can be assessed by its GDP. Our GDP is not the biggest in the world. A country can be assessed by the pace of its economic development, investments, etc. However, there is a form of pure human assessment, where the perception of the country is important,” he noted.

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