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Remains of stunning 5,000-year-old underwater city discovered in Turkey

By Rachel O’Donoghue 

CITY workers have uncovered evidence of an ancient civilisation when they went to look for the source of localised flooding.

Underwater city found in Turkey

HUGE: It is estimated the city stretches over five kilometres (Pic: DHA )

The incredible find was made by municipal crews trying to find out why a number of homes in the Avanos district of the country’s Nevşehir province had been overwhelmed by water.

Using heavy-duty machinery to investigate a network of submerged tunnels that run underneath the town, they found the remains of an ancient city preserved in clear water.

According to local media, the long-lost subterranean maze includes multiple “floors” with homes and places of worship inside tunnels that stretch for 5km.

A small human statue was also found on the first exploration of archeological wonder.

Underwater city in Turkey

TUNNELS: The entrance to the network of rooms had been sealed up years ago and untouched since (Pic: DHA )

underwater city in Turkey

INCREDIBLE: The city hopes it can get the tunnels cleared of eater and opened to tourists (Pic: AA)

According to one local, the long-lost city was actually first found 25 years ago when a young child fell into one of the tunnels.

However, the tunnels into it were completely sealed to prevent further accidents and it has remained untouched and unexplored since.

The mayor of the town of Calis, Kazım Yılmaz, said he believed the city covered a total of 1.2 million square metres, the Anadolu Agency reported.

He added the town will request help from Turkey’s Ministry of Culture to drain the water from the tunnels in a bid to open it up for tourists.

This is not the first time remains of ancient civilisations have been found underwater.

In 2017, a Roman city that had been lost for centuries was found submerged near Naples.

Baiae was an ancient resort on the west coast of Italy that largely disappeared beneath the waves 1,700 years ago.


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