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Women to vote for the first time in Yazidi village in Armenia

Local elections are scheduled for June 9 in Sorik village of Armenia’s Aragatsotn village and for the first time women of the village, predominantly Yazidis, are to participate in the elections, Panorama.am learnt from the village mayor Vazir Bakoyan.

The electoral right offered to women, however, comes not out of good life but a desperate measure as most of the male population are abroad, the mayor said.

“The village is empty, as men are mostly migrant workers in Russia with only 15 households remained. The is the only way out,” Bakoyan told Panorama.am, explaining the decition to enable women with a right to vote.

To note, six candidates are nominated for places at the Council of the Elders with two women among them. It is expected the Council will have at least one female representative with available five seats in the self-governing body of the community.


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