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Europe Day events to be held in five cities of Armenia

Europe day celebrations will kick off in Armenia on May 11 abd wukl be held in five cities.
Europe Day 2019 activities will be held under the “Road to Europe” theme. Europe Day first regional open-air celebration will be in Kapan on 11 May. Yeghegnadzor will host the Europe Day celebrations on 12 May, Ijevan will host the celebrations on 17 May, Dilijan will host the celebrations on 18 May, Gyumri will host the celebrations on 19 May and Yerevan will host a classical concert (Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony) on 21 May and the open air event on 26 May.
The events will include outdoor information fairs attended by various EU-funded projects and projects’ beneficairies, sports and entertainment various competitions, “Nordic Walk” in Yerevan attended by the EU Ambassador, branded gifts by the European Union Delegation to Armenia and big open air concerts in all the cities with the participation of Armenian and European artists.
In the frames of the Europe Day events in Kapan on May 11, a new plastic recycling facility will be officialy inaugurated. The facility has been established and equipped through the European Union funded “Introducing Construction Materials from Plastic Waste” (IES) under the Pilot Regional Development Programme (PRDP) initiative.
For the first time in Armenia, a startup recycling facility is being established in the community, which processes plastic waste into materials after passing several technological cycles and mixing with sand on a production line. In order to supply the startup with enough plastic waste, the project is creating infrastructure for its separation and collection all the way down from Yeghegnadzor to Meghri involving 9 communities in Vayots Dzor and Syunik marzes. The first batch of curbstones and street tiles will be used to improve public spaces in those communities that have supplied plastic waste for the line.
The two-year project’s budget is around €750,000, of which €510,000 is the European Union’s contribution. 25% of the project budget was funded by the Armenian Government and project implementers, the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Kapan Municipality.

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