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Poroshenko: Political Portrait: From A Holiday in the Maldives to the Armenian Genocide

He is a billionaire. He has already been Ukraine’s president at the hardest times. He is a king of chocolate, owner of the well-known confectionery “Roshen” group, car and bus factories. He is a mogul and according to the Russian media “sponsor of Meidan.” He is polyglot, fluent in Ukrainian, English, Romanian and Russian languages. Petro Poroshenko is one of the Ukrainian presidential candidates, narrowly making it to the second round with Vladimir Zelensky.

Second round of elections are to be held on April 21, a choice between Europe and Russia. Ukraine needs a strong president not a weakling. “We can promptly move to free Europe and even more promptly to roll back to the Imperial Russia. The threat is there. Thanks to all the sensible Ukrainians who support Ukraine’s path to the European Union,” Poroshenko said aiming at earning more votes in the second round.

Interesting Facts 

  • Petro Poroshenko did not receive a gold medal because of a poor mark in behavior. The teacher disliked him and dragged him to the director for any reason. 
  • • He is a candidate for master in judo.
  • • Poroshenko has diabetes, so he does not eat sweets. Meanwhile Roshen does not produce products for diabetics. Poroshenko believes that it is better to eat a small piece of pure chocolate than a product with a sweetener;
  • • He is a fan of painting (favorite artist – impressionist Claude Monet);
  • • Poroshenko has four children. The third president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, is the godfather of Poroshenko’s daughters;
  • • He received higher education with a former friend, and now a political opponent, Mikhail Saakashvili. Both studied at the Faculty of International Relations of KSU after Shevchenko.  
  • Poroshenko served in Kazakhstan army. 
  • Poroshenko gives his wife trips for her birthday. 
  • In 2018 11 attempts on Poroshenko were prevented in Ukraine. 

Army, language, faith 

The Ukrainians want to end the war and the crazy tariffs, they want higher salaries.  People have nothing to pay the bills with and to buy food for. Instead, Poroshenko offers a triad – “army, language, faith” and that is why his ratings go down. Poroshenko has repeatedly been accused of corruption, offshore scandals, but the facts have not been officially confirmed.

In 2018 Ukrainian journalists found out that 1-8 January, 2018 Poroshenko had a holiday in  the Maldives. For one-week holiday for 10 people $500,000 was paid. A scandal broke out. Poroshenko’s administration tried to assure that he paid for the holiday by his own means, but the people would not understand why the president of a “country in war,” as Poroshenko himself says, flies for a week to the Maldives.

Poroshenko and the Armenian Genocie 

“The Ukrainian leadership is discussing the issue of a visit to Armenia on April 24, 2015,” the Ukrainian Ambassador to Armenia told reporters in response to an invitation from the Armenian President to Poroshenko to visit Yerevan on April 24, the day of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Poroshenko never arrived in Yerevan. In November 2018, the Armenians of Ukraine called on president Poroshenko to recognize the Armenian Genocide. “We, Armenians, citizens of Ukraine, call on President Petro Poroshenko, the government and the Verkhovna Rada to recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1922 in the Ottoman Empire. […] Ukraine is still among the few European countries that refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Ukrainian authorities seek the support of Turkey and its leader Erdogan. But we, the Armenians of Ukraine, are convinced that the European humanist values are incompatible with the position of the authorities of the country that refuses to recognize the crimes committed by the Turkish authorities.”


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