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Yazidi children’s right to education violated in Armenia, community member insists

The right of Yazidi children to education is violated in Armenia, “Sinjar” Yazidi National Union member Zemfira Kalashyan said at a discussion at Armenia’s National Assembly on Friday.

Addressing the panel titled “National Human Rights Agenda: United Nations Universal Periodic Review”, she insisted that many Yazidi boys and girls don’t finish school due to various reasons, with the national stereotypes being the main reason.

“Girls drop out of school to get married. Of course, there are cases when girls are said to leave school to be married off, but it is not always the case, i.e. a child may leave school for a reason other than marriage,” she said.

Kalashyan stated Yazidi children have issues while communicating in literary Armenian in the early years at school, thus they fail to properly understand the subjects.

Another reason behind Yazidi children’s limited access to education is that only primary schools operate in over 10 Yazidi communities and children are not able to continue their education in secondary school due to transport and social issues.

“This leads to the fact that few are admitted to higher educational institutions from our community,” she said.

Kalashyan also pointed to poor Yazidi language classes at schools, which, she says, kill children’s positive attitude toward the language teachers, their desire to learn the Yazidi language and love for their nation.

She also added that the salaries of the Yazidi language teachers are very low and the young professionals are not willing to work at schools.


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