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US Media Reports on the Genocide of Armenians (1890-1922)

Source: The Armenian Genocide Museum, Yerevan

Reports of the genocide of Armenians, which appeared in the US press (1890-1922) were recently published in two volumes by Mkhitarian publishing of Yerevan. The books were compiled by Ara Ketibian of Australia and Mkhitarist Rev. Vahan Ohanian. The preface is by Prof. Alan Whitehorn of Canada.

The compilers present chronologically the voluminous amount of documents (articles, news reports, eyewitness accounts,etc.) which cover the Hamidian massacres (1894-1896), the Adana massacre (1909), the genocide of 1915 and its aftermath to 1922.

The first volume consists of 1,607 articles while the second has 1,059 pages of archival material. The massive oeuvre is of particular interest to experts in the field, to historians and students of Armenian and Turkish history.

The overall project will have ten volumes which will include reports from six major US newspapers: The New York Times, The Boston Daily Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, and the Washington Post.

An earlier volume (2011) titled “Armenians at the Twilight of the Ottoman Era” was compiled by Vosgan Mekhitarian of Los Angeles and Rev. Ohanian. The 1,612-page tome covered The New York Times reports from 1890 to 1914. It was part of a plan to compile news reports of the massacres and the genocide from the international press. According to Keghart sources, the research for the rest of the series has been completed but subsequent volumes haven’t been published due to funding challenges.


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