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New documentary about Tigran Mansurian to premiere in Yerevan in March

A new documentary about world famous Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian will premiere in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, on 5 March.

The 52-minute film titled “Maestro Mansurian” is dedicated to the renowned composer’s 80th birthday anniversary.

Speaking to Panorama.am, general producer of the film Hayk Ordyan says the film shootings launched five years ago, adding they have strived to complete the filming at least on the composer’s 80th birthday.

He says Hayk Mkrtchyan, the film director who worked in their film production company Ordfilm at the time, expressed a strong desire to make a film about the composer, and the producer supported his idea.

“We didn’t have great expectations, but as we went deeper, we realized it could become a much more serious film. When we started talking to the maestro frequently, he directed us,” Ordyan says.

He stressed “Maestro Mansurian” is the only film that presents the great composer’s creative activity abroad.

“The maestro’s activities outside Armenia remains undiscovered up to now. The film will give many answers; many of the prominent European and American music figures talk about it. The film has a great geography and serious materials which can serve as a basis for a larger project,” he said.

According to Ordyan, the cooperation with the talented composer was a success, adding Mansurian has a ‘gentle approach’ to any issue.

Tigran Mansurian has watched the full film and has positive impressions, although some corrections were made in the documentary after his watch.

“He has a great attitude towards the film. Naturally, we have made some technical changes [in the film] after he watched it. The maestro is looking forward to the film premiere,” the producer said.

After its Yerevan premiere, the German language version of “Maestro Mansurian” will be broadcast on a German TV.


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