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I’m Pleasantly Surprised that Armenians Didn’t Destroyed Azerbaijani and Jewish Cemeteries: Lapshin Visited Armenian Yeghegis

Famous blogger Alexander Lapshin, who is currently in Armenia, visited the Jewish and Azerbaijani cemeteries in the Armenian village of Yeghegis. He told about this in his blog LiveJournal.com

“The Jewish community of Armenia is one of the main secrets not only in the history of the Armenian people, but also in the history of Transcaucasia as a whole. Today, Armenia is practically a mono-ethnic state, where more than 99% of the population are Armenians. It is believed that the Jews were invited to these lands by the Armenian king Tigran. According to another version, Jews came here long before Tigran. However, today only one old Jewish cemetery has been preserved in Armenia in the village of Yeghegis of the Vayots Dzor province.

The cemetery is not so easy to find, as it’s situated on the outskirts of the village – on the other side of the river- where a bridge separates the Jewish cemetery from … the Azerbaijani one.  

Some of the Jewish graves are dated back to 1266, and the newest ones to 1346. Nobody knows where the Jews came from and it’s unclear where and why they departed.

The stones on the graves show that the cemetery is being visited by Jews. They are maybe tourists or historians. Unlike the Christian tradition, Jews have a tradition of leaving stones or pebbles on graves. You were earth, so turn into earth.

Not far from the Jewish Azerbaijani cemetery is located. They are absolutely not ancient. The graves are dated back to mid-twentieth century, mostly to 60-70s. The golden era of the Soviet Union, peace and harmony. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that despite the war and hatred, the Armenians did not destroyed the cemetery”, writes Lapshin.


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