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Pashinyan: This is a war against Armenia

“This is a declared war against the Republic of Armenia,” Armenian Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a live broadcast on Facebook commenting to the wiretapping phone conversation between him and the NSS Director leaked on Youtube on Wednesday.

“It’s done for a simple reason. The corrupt system sees the circle around it getting narrower, something we had promised, and the promise will be realized step-by-step, immediately after the parliamentary election, and nobody will escape. All corrupt individuals will be held accountable on behalf of the people and the mandate of the people, because in essence, these conversations are published for their own salvation and for the salvation of the corrupt system. I have said before, and now I keep insisting that this is a war declared against the Republic of Armenia and a crushing defeat is expected for those who provoked this war,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

He called on the citizens on December 9, regardless of the weather conditions, even if there’s snowstorm and flood, to go to the polling stations and vote for the “My Step” alliance.

“I want to remind you that this is first of all Prime Minister’s elections. I hope to get a strong mandate from the citizens of Armenia to fight against corruption, to get every cent stolen from the people back, and finally to fight this war against the Republic of Armenia and the people of Armenia,” the Acting Prime Minister said.
Nikol Pashinyan also said that on September 12, he touched upon the wiretapping at the National Assembly, and in that speech, he provided twice as much information as published in the material.

“The conversation is not complete. There are episodes which I have referred to during the NA speech and they have been cut and removed. Particularly, the part when the director of the National Security Service told me that the judge was scared, and I said, what it means, the judge is scared, the NSS is obliged to secure the judge’s security and independence if you cannot ensure that, then you have a wrong way of working,” he said.

The Acting Prime Minister also said that the actions of the head of the National Security Service and the Special Investigative Service director were within the scope of their official functions.


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