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Two alleged members of Armenian mafia arrested in Germany

After several months of investigations, the Criminal Police Office of the Federal Land of Thüringer arrested two suspected members of Armenian mafia, MDR THÜRINGEN reported.

Police arrested 31-year-old car dealer Arthur Z. and 26-year-old Karo S. on suspicion of drug trafficking, as during the raids, police discovered 35 kilograms of marijuana.

About ten years ago, young people from Armenia and Azerbaijan created the group called “The Joker”, the website says. They were allegedly engaged in racketeering, robbery and drug trafficking. Arthur Z. and Karo S. were considered to be the leaders of the gang.

According to the source, the Joker grouping later fell apart, but two members continued their activities, participating in a shootout between Armenian clans in the city of Erfurt in July 2014. Both men were captured by surveillance cameras near the building where the shooting occurred. Arthur Z. is also seen on the video of a “showdown” between the Armenian and Moldovan clans in Erfurt in June 2016.

According to the source, the investigators failed to establish connection between the Armenian mafia and the drug trade earlier due to the lack of evidence.

Earlier, the German media wrote about a secret special operation against the Armenian mafia codenamed “Fight Against Thieves In Law.”


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