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Western Armenia must be present at the Centenary of the Great War

Official Request to President Macron, dated 06 October 2018

Paris 06 October 2018

For the attention of Mr․ Emmanuel MACRON

President of the French Republic

Mr. President

On Friday, October 5, 2018, in a heavy but solemn atmosphere, you made the historic decision to pay a national homage to Charles AZNAVOUR, as an actor and interpreter of a common French and Armenian heritage․

A national homage for a man who has marked not only the spirits of several French and Armenian generations but also men and women from all around the world, a Justice Figure for Humanity.

We can only be in solidarity with your unequivocal and unanimous decision, and humbly send you our thankfulness.

The thankfulness of all the people I represent, the Armenian descendants of the survivors of the genocide.

Those who are expressed in the following verse:

“Death hit them without asking their age,

Because they were guilty to be the children of Armenia. “

These Children of Armenia, Mr. President who are engaged in The Eastern Legion  and who have been under the auspices of France, are the nucleus of the National Army of Western Armenia to liberate Cilicia.

These Children of Armenia, Mr. President, Armenia on the territory of Western Armenia recognized by France and the Allied Powers, thus becoming an associated and belligerent Power of the Great War.

These Sons of Armenia, Mr. President were guided and directed by their President Boghos Nubar Pasha until the total liberation of their homeland.

“The generous France will proudly remember that it had the honor of entrusting to the Sons of Armenia a lot of bayonets which they carried with enthusiasm”

 August 19, 1920, General Gouraud

This is the Armenia, Mr. President, that I have the honor to represent today, elected by my people to protect acquired rights 100 years ago.

As history indicates and reminds, Armenia on the territory of Western Armenia, separated by the Ottoman Empire after an absence of representativity, today reconstituted its official institutions continuing the establishments, formed and constituted by the President Boghos Nubar Pasha.

Consequently, it is on their behalf, as a warring nation of the Great War, that I solicit from you your authorization for having the opportunity to participate and accompany you in the ceremonies for the Centenary of the Armistice of the Great War and Treaties of the Parisian suburbs which serve as a  foundation of the official recognition of our state institutions.

In  hopes that you will read, allow me, Mr. President, to address you the assurance of my respectful consideration.



President of the National Council of Western Armenia


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