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Art that brings joy: Harutyun Chalikyan’s exhibition of caricatures and sculptures is on at Artists’ Union

Personal exhibition of Harutyun Chalikyan’s artworks opened on Oct. 27 in Artists’ Union, Yerevan. It features Chalikyan’s caricatures, medals and sculptures of famous personalities from Armenia and all over the world. The exhibition will be on till 01 Nov.

Charles Aznavour, Serzh Tankian, Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Ohan Duryan, Kirk Kerkorian, Egishe Charents, Sos Sargsyan and many others have found themselves in one cool company! What unites all of them is that they embody a new art style by Harutyun Chalikyan which he calls Sculpture-Caricatures or Caricature-Medals – a unique combination of caricature and sculpture art. Combining humour and art, Harutyun’s works give the emotion of joy – you can see smiles on the faces of all the visitors.

At the exhibition the presidents of Artists’ Union, Caricaturists’ Union and the Union of Architects congratulated Harutyun with their opening speeches. The president of Caricaturists’ Union awarded him with the title of Honoured Knight of Caricature.

“My caricatures do not aim to mock or ridicule; they show the character and inner essence of the person. That’s why I often refer to them as psychological portraits”, – says the author. So if you want to learn more about someone just ask Harutyun to draw them – it actually takes him only 10 minutes to draw a masterpiece!

“You can recognize Harutyun’s works at first glance by his unique graphic style. And in his sculptures you can see his strive to show the moral beauty of the person”, – says Vladimir Abroyan, honoured artist of Armenia.

Harutyun Chalikyan is a renowned Armenian artist and architect well-known for his brilliant caricatures of politicians, artists and celebrities of various nationalities. He draws with charcoal and has a graphic technique that differentiates him from other artists of this genre.

In cooperation with the Gold Factory of Armenia Harutyun Chalikyan created two collections of gold medals in 2017 – those of Presidents of the Big Eight and those of famous football players. Both collections were presented in an international forum in Germany in 2017, also in Russia and in other countries.

Harutyun’s artworks have been presented in Paris, New York, Moscow, Cambridge, Yerevan and elsewhere. He is the recipient of international awards in art and caricature. A man of many talents, he also writes humoristic and witty poems.

Harutyun Chalikyan has published a collection of his artworks in a book “Graphics and Sculpture”. He lives and works in Armenia, with his works having an international outreach.

When asked what gives him inspiration in creating art he said briefly and sincerely, “My wife”.

Photos are taken from Harutyun Chalikyan’s Facebook page.



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