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Tankian joins Save Amulsar campaign

World famous Armenian-American singer and songwriter Serj Tankian has jointed the Save Amulsar campaign launched by the Armenian Environmental Front.

In a video message issued on Monday, he points to the permanent danger any type of mining causes to the environment.

“I want to talk to you about mining, or actually why not mining. We know that mining is a permanent danger to the environment no matter what type of mining it is, no matter how well the mining is controlled in terms of contaminants, it will always pose a danger to the environment permanently, and especially open mining, like the one suggested for Amulsar, using dine at mines. There is no guarantee the contaminants won’t make their way to the water,” he said in the message.

A group of activists and environmentalists continue protesting against the exploitation of Amulsar Gold Mine by blocking the roadway leading to the mine and thus obstructing the ongoing construction works at the site.


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