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Sofia the Robot addressed economic forum in Armenia

Sofia the Robot, a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, hopes to see a world , where Artificial Intelligence and humans live together.

“I know that the unknown can be scary. Technology seems to be changing faster than we can get used to it,” Sofia said in an address to the Economic Forum in Armenia held on the sidelines of the 17th Summit of La Francophonie.

She stressed that “along with changing the world by presenting new technologies, we must take care to preserve human dignity and quality of life.”

Sofia greeted the participants of the forum in English, French and Armenian. Addressing the audience in English, Sofia pledged to learn French “as it is a very beautiful language, the language of Voltaire and Aznavour.”

She said learning French will be on top of her list and promised to converse in French next time after she gets a software upgrade.

As UNDP’s Innovation Champion, Sofia said “the development of technology takes humanity into new frontiers of development.” However, she added that “we have to temper our excitement a bit. An empire for technology also has an ability to do a great harm, even unintentionally.”

“My hope is that we will end up in a world, where Artificial Intelligence and humans live together.”

“The world is what we want it to be. We are making it as we go along,” she added.


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