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“Armenian Waltz” author talks the song and meeting Aznavour

The national tribute ceremony dedicated to Charles Aznavour included the performance of “Armenian Waltz”, which many people came to love since then. In Armenia, a special interest rose towards the composition and how it was written.

Mediamax has talked with the man who authored the lyrics and music for the song, Dan Gharibian. According to him, he only learned his song would be used in the ceremony as he was watching it.

“No song is coincidental and the lyrics say it all. I am inspired by life and even more by women. Yes, women are a source of inspiration for me,” said Gharibian.

He can speak Armenian, but not write, so he asks his friends to help him out with certain words sometimes.

It is possible that Charles Aznavour has never heard the “Armenian Waltz”, says Gharibian. He has no idea who selected his song for the ceremony.

The Armenian-French musician is happy to find out his song is becoming popular in Armenia. Gharibian would love to perform is Armenia with his trio one day: “I did so years ago, once, but I also love to travel in Armenia as a tourist.”

Dan Gharibian also shared with us the story of him meeting Charles Aznavour.

“We invited him to sing with us. We played all songs from “Plein du monde” album by Bratsch [Gharibian’s band at that time – Mediamax] with famous performers. With Aznavour, we sang “A drop of water”, and he said he would sing in French and only perform a couple of lines in Armenian. And so he did, and we sang the rest of the song together. It was one of the rare instances of Aznavour singing in Armenian,” said Gharibian.

According to him, he never had a chance to meet the legendary singer again.

Charles Aznavour always strived to pave a way for other artists. Even at the ceremony honoring his memory, Aznavour helped another musician get recognition, as the experienced, but yet unknown in Armenia Dan Gharibian is gaining attention.

After Bratsch, he now performs as part of Dan Gharibian Trio, which is touring in France and Italy this year.

Ellada Ghukasyan, Mediamax’ correspondent in France


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