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Hereford’s ancient world map pictures Noah’s Ark on today’s Armenia-Iran border

Hereford’s ancient Mappa Mundi (map of the world) contains more than 500 ink drawings including “evidence” for apparent locations of key biblical events, according to The Sun.

The historic map, which marks the supposed sites of religious events, is still being decoded – nearly 1,000 years after it was made.

The Mappa Mundi – with Noah’s Ark circled – has baffled biblical scholars for centuries.

On the map, the world is depicted as a circle with East at the top of the map – to mark the rising of the sun and the second coming of Christ.

Jerusalem sits at its centre as was common at the time.

Noah’s Ark is clearly pictured on the bottom-left of the map – on the modern-day Iran-Armenia border. And that ties in with the theory that the ruptured remains of the legendary vessel can now be found on Mount Ararat.

Noah’s Ark is clearly depicted on the giant map as a boat filled with animals.


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