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Armenian side will not launch war, it’s Azerbaijan that uses militaristic rhetoric – Pashinyan

Armenian army should be ready for any developments without losing vigilance, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said in a Facebook live broadcast, answering the question of a citizen referring to the situation on the frontline.
STEPANAKERT, JUNE 26, ARTSAKHPRESS-ARMENPRESS: “In this period the average number of shots and in some cases also ceasefire violation cases have been on a low level, and have even reached the level of 2000s. According to statistical data after I was elected Prime Minister of Armenia (May 8-edit.) we have an unprecedented law level of ceasefire violations, but we also have victims”, the PM said.

Pashinyan said that there are some mobilizations of Azerbaijani troops on the frontline, and this mobilization sometimes grows, sometimes declines. Anyway, there are some moves on the frontline. Some tensions can be observed in Nakhichevan section as well.

“As refers to the possibility of war, my assessment and approaches are that we should be ready to such developments at any moment. After being elected Prime Minister my first order was that vigilance should never be lost, not a second or minute. I would not say we have an unprecedented situation. We are well familiar with this situation. We can also record that the conflict is not settled. In a way we are in half-war half peace situation. But this does not mean we should deviate from our normal life”, the PM said.

PM Pashinyan noted that the Armenia side will not launch a war, it’s Azerbaijan that uses militaristic rhetoric. He hoped that the Azerbaijani leadership will understand that Karabakh conflict has no armed settlement, because an armed conflict will lead to unavoidable consequences.

“If Azerbaijanis think that they will bypass those consequences, I think one shouldn’t lead any country to such experiments”, Pashinyan said.


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