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The Next Generation Takes Over at Kirk Kara

By Ashley Davis

Los Angeles—Bridal brand Kirk Kara has announced the succession of the fourth generation to the company’s leadership, marking the first time that women have taken the helm at the company.

Angela Karaguezian Kassabian and Grace Karaguezian Terezian are now charged with leading the family-owned business. Their father, Kirk Karaguezian, will continue to work at the company, taking part in trunk show appearances, quality control and mentoring his daughters in leadership, design and business knowledge.

The sisters grew up immersed in the family business and often spent their time dreaming up and sketching their own engagement ring designs. They joined the company officially once they graduated from college, when they renamed the business from “Something Special” to “Kirk Kara,” after their father.

The business was originally founded in 1890 in Armenia by Karaguezian’s grandfather, who was eventually killed in the Armenian genocide. Karaguezian’s father, Artin, managed to escape to Lebanon. There the family endured two civil wars.

Karaguezian immigrated to Los Angeles in the 1980s with his wife and daughters, where they continued the family business.

During Kassabian and Terezian’s years working under their father, they learned the importance of maintaining the business’s century-old legacy; every Kirk Kara design is still created by members of the family and handcrafted by master jewelers.

According to the company, Kassabian brings a chic, fashionable perspective to its designs, while Terezian’s style is more suited to the natural and ethereal.

Between them, there is an engagement ring for every bride.

“We are inspired to design together as sisters, with our individual styles bringing a variety of design options to brides,” Kassabian explained. “We each got married within the last two to five years, so we are really connected to the market, and we know what women want.”

“We are born into this talent, and it’s our duty to offer our gift to the next generation of women getting married,” Terezian added. “Engagement rings represent such an important and symbolic part of life, so for us, designing them is our way of giving back.”

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on June 13, 2018, to reflect that Kirk Karaguezian is not retiring from the company, as was erroneously stated.


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