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ARF Dashnaktsutyun leaves the ruling coalition

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun has announced a decision to leave the coalition with the ruling Republican Party of Armenia. According to the statement released by the ARF Supreme Body, “a new situation has emerged in Armenia that have kept the Armenian society in a state of high political tensions.” 

The move comes amid ongoing mass protests led by MP Nikol Pashinyan aimed at preventing the ruling Republican party to nominate its candidate for the post of the country’s Prime Minister.

“Taking into consideration the current situation we have decided to quit our membership in the political coalition,” the statement read.

As a solution to the ongoing political crisis Dashnaktsutyun suggests the National Assembly to elect a Prime Minister “who enjoys the trust of the people” that among other things should come up with a comprehensive program to reduce inter-political tensions, overcome the political crisis, organize and hold snap parliamentary elections.


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