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Zhoghovurd: Deepening West-Russia conflict to affect also Armenia

The deepening West-Russia conflict (in the wake of the anti-Syria missile strikes) is expanding its geography, potentially posing hazards also to Armenia, the paper says in an editorial commenting the recent developments in global politics.

It refers particularly to the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s (CSTO) Prcent statement the attack as a blatant violation of fundamental norms and principles of international law and predicting high chances of a growing tension not only regionally but also globally.

That statement complicates the situation for Armenia, a CSTO member state which will-nilly becomes entangled in a larger-scale geopolitical game – protecting Russia’s interests and at the same time openly opposing to the West, says the paper.

Meantime it notes that the country nonetheless has real expectations from the EU in terms of financial assistance, especially after signing the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

“Armenia can certainly justify its position, saying that the CSTO is by and large the same Russia, whereas it has no influence at all, especially when it comes to the decision-making within that structure. But that would be largely a justification, nothing more. We now have to wait for the West’s reaction, particularly that of the European countries,” reads the paper’s comment.


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