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Help Syria Now

Dear Friends,

Through war, genocide, natural disasters, human rights crises, economic disarray and social upheaval, AGBU has brought a unique capacity and nuanced perspective to humanitarian relief.

A striking example of this century-old legacy is our response to the plight of today’s Armenians of Syria. Connected by ancestry and history, the Armenian Nation is once again being tested by an epic human crisis. AGBU holds the great responsibility of being the conduit between thousands of desperateArmenians in need and countless fellow Armenians who care.

Our deep experience in humanitarian aid has prepared us well to provide sustenance and support to this vulnerable community with speed and efficiency. But it is our collective attunement to human suffering that binds us as one people across time and space. Together, we Armenians embody benevolence at its best, especially in the worst of times.

With thousands of Armenians caught in the crossfire of war and terror, AGBUdonors heeded the call of humanity with the urgency and generosity a crisis of such magnitude demands. Since 2012, your donations have been a direct lifeline to imperiled Armenians struggling to survive, whether still in Syria or now living in Lebanon, Armenia, or Canada.

Without the AGBU global network and its extended outreach, many Armenian families at risk would be deprived of life saving relief amid the chaos and destruction. That is why AGBU took bold initiatives early on to step up and reach out before it was too late.

With this in mind, your continued support remains critical to this special mission in the coming months and years. The times are still uncertain. Healing and recovery won’t happen overnight.

The more we give, the sooner this struggling community can be redeemed, forever grateful to every donor, volunteer and staffer who helped deliver them from trauma and loss to hope and triumph.


Berge Setrakian
President, AGBU




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